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I do not recollect that she did email me as I would have had an answer ready. I will save this for others if any future requests and would appreciate your feedback.
You will need to make a body ruler to measure your fingers width as shown in the quickstart guide.
GV20 Located five finger within the hairline on the centerline. See it in the book on Page 8.8. Press with the funger tip and it is normally tender. Treat this for up to 5 mins.
Treat both limbs with the next points:
K7 See on page 7.5
St36 See on page 7.5
Cv2 See page 7.5
Cv4 See page 7.5
Liv5 See on page 8.5
K27 (also called KI27) these are 2 fingers width either side if the centre line snug under the edge of the clavicle bone (see attached image)
St13 (also called ST13) these are 4 fingers width either side of the centre line below the clavicle bone. (see attached image)

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