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Posted by Anna Jones on 15 November 2013 09:59 AM

Testimonials from people who have improved their lung health




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SerraEnzyme Is The Best For Improving Lung Health


"I ordered SerraEnzyme today – it is the best product on the market ever for improving lung health. THANK YOU."

George B.





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Lung X-ray Was Clear After Suffering With Mild Lung Fibrosis


“Hi Robert, I never really got round to thanking you. I was diagnosed with mild lung fibrosis and I sent for your Serra Plus+. I did the whole course along with other things and had an X-ray and much to my surprise my lung x-ray was clear. I did ring for another 4 tubs just recently as I was feeling tight chested, but now I am feeling fine , so once again thank you so much for this product.”

Mrs. D Dunning




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‘I am now breathing like a normal healthy person after only a week’


“Hi Robert, a week ago I contacted you after you were on The Power Show and told you a little about myself and my 2 year lung problem. I had one of your books but had not read it. I got right to it and did not stop until I finished it. It was such a detailed book for anyone to obtain health if followed. I am now breathing like a normal healthy person after only a week. I started with three Serrapeptase capsules and one Curcuminx4000 capsule, three times a day and since I do not eat processed foods I just upped my raw vegetable intake and water. I feel wonderful and now I’m beginning to exercise. Thank you, thank you.”

  Judy P.




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Relief for Lung Inflammation


“I was told that I do have inflammation in my lungs. I was given different inhalers, but they never worked for me at all! One doctor told me it must be GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) and was given antibiotics for three weeks, to no avail!
I went to the doctor in an emergency a couple of times but it seems that they cannot understand my symptoms, even though I explained to them about the asbestos exposure  story. Everyone tends to say your lungs won’t be irritated from asbestos exposure. They also say it takes a long time for these symptoms to show up if it is due to asbestos! They think I am depressed!
Anyways, I stumbled across your website and I bought the Serrapatase 80,000 IU. I started last week with three tablets x 3 times per day. I had a huge relief. It made the phlegm bubbly and it comes out now. However, sometimes I feel it gets thick again. I am also taking the Curcuminx4000 as per your website.”

Michelle Merlino



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'I can sing again'


“Robert, I am taking the SerraEnzyme 80,000IU for my lung problems. This has been the best in helping me as I can now sing again. I will also be soon trying the BlockBuster All Clear.”

Roberta B, United States




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Relief from lung problems


“I’m going to recommend Serrapeptase to a friend’s father as my dad has had fantastic results after previously suffering from lung problems.”

Jane L






'I have been feeling better in myself and it has been noticed by others'


"Hi, thank you for your order received yesterday. I have increased my intake of Serranol to 2x3 times per day. I am pleased to tell you that for the past 3 weeks I have been feeling better in myself and it has been noticed by others and can only be put down to the use of Serranol. I am on no other medication and if my improvement continues I shall be delighted."

George, Cyprus


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